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Certified Precision Barometer

Precision Barometer No. 2187 is designed for accurate determination of the absolute air pressure. The metal diaphragms, which are manufactured in a special technical process, react very sensitively to changes of the surrounding air pressure.

This barometer determines the absolute air pressure, i.e. the air pressure which exists at the place of installation. An adjustment such as on normal barometers, which indicates the air pressure reduced to sea level, is therefore unnecessary. The 2187 Barometer is also suitable for exact determination of slight height differences within the range of the dial. All models are jeweled movement. Accuracy ±1.5% of full scale.

Applications: Engine test stations, airports, laboratories, hospitals and many scientific applications where precise measurement of absolute air pressure is required.

Precision Barometer 2187
ModelMax. HeightRange
2187.706920 - 900 m870 - 1050 hPa

More specs and info on Certified Precision Barometer are available in downloadable PDF brochure.

Delivered Prices. Special Order 4-6 weeks lead time.

Certified Precision Barometer:

Model# Description Price Quantity
2187.70692 Certified Precision Barometer - 0 to 900m $1,375.00
NIST NIST Certification $145.00

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